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Sandhill cranes on a brisk morning

This site is mostly dedicated to habitat within our cities and the animals that utilize it. However, Nebraska's sandhill crane migration almost feels like an urban phenomenon. The cranes gather along the Platte River next to overpasses and within view of I-80, just outside several Nebraska cities and towns. They even seem receptive (or apathetic) to the large gatherings of people who come to observe them.

This year was our first time arriving before sunrise and waiting until the cloud of cranes ascended from the water in cacophonous unison. It was my mom's idea to come at sunrise this year, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the moment with her--time in nature with family is never forgotten.

After the cranes left the water we spent the rest of the day wandering around, photographing ducks and sparrows, with the coos of the cranes in the background. It was the perfect setting for a brisk 28 degrees F with slight sleet. Here are a few select photos from the morning.

My mom is learning photography in her retirement, and perhaps the most fun of the day was letting her try out the big lens and helping her get some photos of piping plovers.

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