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About Nature Among Us

Urban conservation photography and articles by Tyler Moore, PhD

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My name is Tyler Moore. I am a photographer, scientist, biology professor, and advocate for conservation and restoration of habitat where people live. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, a city situated on the edge of what once was a vast tallgrass prairie, with my wonderful family. I am the author of over a dozen scientific publications and have given many presentations on how natural habitat can shape human communities. 


One of my goals is to inspire excitement for the wildlife we can observe within our cities--especially the small, often undervalued species (like insects). I hope these photos remind you to appreciate the beauty living in the habitat right outside your door. This site it not meant to generate income. Once site fees are paid for, all profits from sales of products or prints will go directly into native planting projects in public spaces in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

Questions? Have a native habitat you want photographed? Feel free to contact me.


Photography Awards

Nature Among Us

Nature Among Us is a collection of photographs, artwork, and information about the wildlife that can be found in and around where people live and work--mostly in my home state of Nebraska. My hope is for this website to inspire people to appreciate the nature in their communities and take the steps to increase the habitat quality in and around our cities. 

If you want to celebrate the wildlife in our communities by purchasing a print or wall art, visit the photos section to browse the galleries. If you are interested in other nature photography products, see the store page. The goal of this website is to inform and inspire, not generate profit. Once site fees are paid for, all profits go towards creating and maintaining native habitat in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

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