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Why conservation "where people live and work"?

Ecosystems have many benefits. They clean our air and water, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and they support the life cycles of diverse living things. Ecosystems even support our psychological well-being and human culture--every scientist who ever lived started out as a child who was curious about the natural world they observed. Some functions of an ecosystem can only be performed in large expanses of wilderness like you might find in a national park or nature preserve (say, supporting large mammals like bison or prairie specialist birds). But how can habitat spaces inspire human joy and curiosity when these habitats are so isolated from where humans are? We need native plant habitat within our human communities to make each day more interesting, filled with the possibility of encountering a new unique organism. These native habitat pockets support pollinators, birds, and countless other interesting species. This site is dedicated to showcasing the life within in our cities, through photos and conservation stories. Through this nature photography, I hope you can experience the beauty and intrigue of the diverse life within our cities. I also hope you can learn more about how these organisms live their life and what you can do to support them.

Conservation Photography

There is plenty of nature to experience in our neighborhoods. Nature Among Us focuses on the plants and animals within human communities. The ultimate goal is to inspire people to appreciate and nurture urban habitat spaces. The first step is to appreciate the interesting biology of cities, from pollinators to plants. All photographs and writing courtesy of biologist, conservationist, prairie enthusiast, and photographer Dr. Tyler Moore. All proceeds from sales beyond website fees go towards Nebraska 501c3 non-profits with a goal of urban habitat conservation. If you would like to bring urban nature into your home while supporting this mission, consider purchasing photography art or nature photography-based products.

Self portrait of the photographer Tyler Moore

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A photo of a small sweat bee (genus Lasioglossum) on a native thisle flower
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